Great Western offers your bleachers needs in southern California, Nevada, Utah, Wyoming, Idaho, and Montana.

We can help you pick the perfect bleachers for your project. We offer National Recreation Systems and GT Grandstands bleachers, two industry leaders with over 15 years' experience manufacturing bleachers.

National Recreation Systems - Bleachers 501 1537728027

National Recreation Systems


We sell National Recreation Systems bleachers. National Recreation Systems is an industry leader in aluminum bleacher design, manufacturing, and project management, providing quality innovative seating solutions through a nationwide dealer network and a nearly 100,000 square foot manufacturing facility. They provide unsurpassed service to our customers with fast, accurate shipments of quality aluminum bleachers, aluminum benches, and aluminum picnic tables, all at affordable prices. Let us help you with all your spectator seating needs.

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GT Grandstand - Gtgrandstands 502 1537728030

GT Grandstand

For over 15 years, GT Grandstands™ a PlayCore Company, has been a leading designer/manufacturer of grandstands and bleachers for all applications of spectator seating. We offer a wide range of products and services -- permanent grandstands, press boxes, renovations, angle frame bleachers, team benches, and aluminum picnic tables -- to meet all of your seating needs. We also build custom football bleachers and baseball bleachers for high schools and universities. If a standard design does not meet your site and capacity needs, we can custom build a structure to meet your exact requirements. All of our products offer outstanding quality at a very competitive price.

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L.A. Steelcraft - La Steelcraft Bleacher 505 1537731354

L.A. Steelcraft

For over 55 years L.A. Steelcraft has been a major manufacturer of quality equipment for sports, playgrounds, schools and industry, servicing the entire nation. They offer a wide variety of bleacher options.

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