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Great Western Recreation is the exclusive distributor for Wishbone LTD products in AK, WA, OR, CA, NV, UT, ID, MT, and WY.


Seating - Park Benches And Chairs 681 1624308328


Wishbone provides a wide variety of options for park seating including park chairs and benches, leaning benches, wall seating, modular seating, and functional art seating.

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Tables - Wishbone Bay View Bench On Beach Ave Peachland Bc 71A6Da6824Be35B7D672Ed49077C38A2 682 1624308334


Whether your park needs a classic picnic table, a bistro-style table, a children's picnic table, or anything in between, Wishbone has it all.

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Waste Receptacles & Recycling - Wishbone Modena Curved Top Two Stream Recycling Station With Foot Pedal In Invermere Bc 0499487260B7115020521Ebaaeaf2B47 683 1624308339

Waste Receptacles & Recycling

Keep your park and public spaces clean and scenic with Wishbone's waste receptacles and recycling solutions.

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Bike Racks - Wishbone Bike Racks 2017 85F18Cb184A28Fc79Eeb104Bafe5F32F 687 1624309603

Bike Racks

Wishbone provides functional and high-quality bike racks for all spaces.

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Planters - Wishbone Custom 4Ft X 4Ft Rutherford Planters At Central Park Village In Abbotsford Bc Ef28D2Cb1B11387Defc50736D6240129 688 1624309607


Upgrade your park or public space with Wishbone's planters. We have a variety of styles to choose from.

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Children's Playground Furnishings - Childrens Rutherford Picnic Table In Use 1 E8Dcf7D7545B3A3Cf2Fad99B54C426Ff 689 1624309612

Children's Playground Furnishings

Wishbone provides a variety of colorful child-friendly furnishings including benches, tables, and raised sandboxes.

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LED Lighting - Wishbone Rutherford Wide Body Bench With Led Lights Peachland Bc 690 1624309617

LED Lighting

Wishbone Is proud to introduce “City Lights” - selected park benches illuminated from below using 24 Volt LED technology.

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Custom Design & Manufacturing - Annison Bt Teal 691 1624309621

Custom Design & Manufacturing

Have something in mind but don't see it on our website? At Wishbone, we can custom design and tailor our products to meet a specific look or design our customers are after.

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