Shade Structures

We at GWR offer turnkey shade structures in all shapes, sizes, and materials. We're your best choice in shade structure experts in Utah, Montana, Wyoming, Idaho, Nevada, and Southern California.

Looking for shade structures? We can help you pick the best option for your park, school, community, water park, dog park...shade structures fit everywhere! Your community can keep cool and look chic with the wide selection of colors and shapes we offer.

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GT Shade

GT Shade structures add a distinctive, cool look to your play or recreation space. They also keep the space cool and comfortable. Our shade products block up to 97% of the sun's harmful UV rays, providing protection for both playground equipment and the people who use it. Our shade also cools the covered area by up to 25º (14ºC) making it more enjoyable for children and families.

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Superior Shade Structures - Superior Shade 480 1536882490

Superior Shade Structures

Superior offers a full line of top-quality standard and custom shade structures that can protect nearly any outdoor recreation location. They're an outdoor recreation manufacturer offering everything from large, cantilever shade solutions to smaller canopy designs.

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UltraSite Shade - Ultasite Shade 481 1536882493

UltraSite Shade

UltraSite manufactures shade structures in all shapes, colors, an sizes. We'll help you pick out the best shade structure for your project, whether it's a tiny community park or huge city waterpark.

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Custom Canopies - Custom Shade Image 479 1536882487

Custom Canopies

Custom Canopies products are designed by industry leading designers and engineers who possess the special expertise and experience demanded by architects and required by government standards.

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