Surfacing, Sports & Park Amenities

Park Accessories and Site Amenities

You have to choose the right benches, picnic tables, grills and trash receptacles to complete the perfect park. Through GameTime, Great Western offers turnkey solutions for park and recreation directors to create a community destination.

Our park accessories are built with the same strong, durable materials as our playground equipment. With our team of experts, you can make your park a relaxing, fun retreat for your community.


Looking for a nice bench to complement your park? We have the perfect one!

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Bike Racks

Add a bike rack to your park to help encourage your community to be fit and active.

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You will encourage families to use your park by adding grills.

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Trash Cans

Keep your park litter free by adding the proper trash cans.

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Picnic Tables

Picnic tables encourage people to use your outdoor space.

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Encourage people to use your park more by adding shelters.

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Shade Structures

Our various shade structures add fun, style, and comfort to any playground. 

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Playground Surfacing

Don't forget about playground surfacing! It's a big step in creating a safer play space is selecting the right surfacing solution. 

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